A workshop about writing about making

A workshop about writing about making

Form: Monotone colour with positive and negative areas of light. A pair of ready-made small plastic models cast a shadow across the pages of a book.

Process: An experimental photograph taken in the studio capturing the cast shadow of a pair of plastic figures in sunlight.

Context: The cast shadows are more significant than the people. Distance and closeness. Communication, or the lack of. A continuation of the fracture project.

Mood: Questioning, loss, quiet and melancholic

I worked with Eva in a breakout room and we offered each other our own perspectives on each others work. It was an insightful and enjoyable exercise as we explored options/narratives/art contexts and discovered how to share pictures on zoom by working together. An exchange.

Eva provided the following observations for me: Distance, the plastic figures like pawns, tension of dark and light, being placed in a book, the book of life, a searching for a meaning, existential theories of humanity, disconnection. Quiet & introspective. She also commented that the figures were both male. Coincidentally there were similar themes in both our work. When I boiled it down I realised through this exercise that this was a framework for the piece we were looking at. It became a sentence.

The shadows that we cast are sometimes more significant that the actions we undertake

Les commented that this then could become part of or the title of the work, and now go make some work. So I will….. (when I get the mapping thing done)