AAEX Installations Exhibition-Part 1

AAEX Installations Exhibition-Part 1

Speeches at opening night

Opening night was 15th November. Here is a promotional video made by artist Niamh O’Connor giving a flavour of all the work, the spaces and performances.


Photo of performance with multiple capes

It was, as expected a very busy night so I was glad I reached out to a friend, Colm Mullen [https://www.colmmullen.ie/] who is a photographer/cinematographer to take some shots for me. The lighting for the performance was basic but the darkness added to the atmosphere. I am going through them at the moment and will have 2 or 3 potential images to work with. With 12 performers from Mad Youth Theatre interacting/intra acting in around and through the space I was pleased with the overall effect – seeing the capes come to life. They brought new meaning to the work and brilliant energy to the space. Having a team of 19 other artists working together to make the night happen made it a very enjoyable experience. The show will run for 2 weeks with a panel discussion scheduled for next Saturday and catalogue launch. I will be hosting two meet the artist days during the exhibition and plan to paint and draw the ‘Cloaked’ installation onsite for those days.

Caoimhe O’Dywer Designer, Mad Youth Theatre & Me

I am currently compiling my evaluation report which I will feature in another blog post. Tonights session with Kimberly gave me food for thought.

I gave random participants disposable cameras (which I have to develop) and encouraged people to share their photos with me, as authentic responses, so I am beginning to receive these and collate them into another work. I had hoped to populate a notebook with some written responses but it was a little ambitious, (and greedy lol) so I didn’t get a great number of entries. We couldn’t use the drone indoors for health & safety reasons this time but will organise an outdoor shoot at a later date.

I feel like I am still in the ‘middle’ of this work, what it is what it could become in its next iteration is still revealing itself.