Adding title

Adding title

When the tiny plastic people arrived last week in the post I wanted to revisit the red wax labyrinth model again. In many ways and on many levels, the narrative of this labyrinth has changed.

How would the presence of people change the way I see it?

I left the figures unpainted in this shot. We still have not met. We are strangers.

Looking at this image I was reminded of a previous painting I did about a year ago. It was a contemplative piece just around the time of the supermoon and I was missing my best friend N. A visitor to my studio was interested in purchasing it. I was unsettled at the thoughts of loosing the work, I felt I wasn’t finished with it, even though it was indeed finished. I painted a second one, to replace the first one that I had rationalised that I should let go. The figure appeared more female in the second one. In the end I hung onto both and hoarded them up on the shelf.

Untitled – Male Figure 2017, oil on canvas.

I liked the idea of the anonymous figure. I felt it worked as a painting but didn’t really have a plan for them then. With these works back in my mind, I decided to focus more on the shadows cast by the figures in the following shots.

I am intrigued by the pattern created in the image at this proximity. And feel I want to explore this more. Just not quite sure how yet. I think its about time, loss of time. 

If I print these off. I would like them to be large, ideally life size. To experiment I’ll start with a small size print and set up another scenario with the plastic figure. TBC…..