Circularity: Writing Making Writing

Circularity: Writing Making Writing

From session with Hayley 1st Feb 2021

The following quote is in reference to Schrag (2003) and his unpacking of Praxis/Poiesis within Chapter 9.

“One dimension is the making of things – spatiotemporally existent entities – which are the intrinsic product of poiesis. The second is the constituting of self in performances that may also produce things. The subjectivity that comes into being in the space of communicative praxis is the extrinsic, or transcendent, result of poiesis. (p.282)”

Reflecting, looking in/around/tracing the lines. The mirror contains the reflected image. Anchored temporarily. Inverted space where we are free to think upside-down and differently. I see me, I am not me. Where is it? Back there when I smeared the precious lipstick you owned defiantly across the mirror so you would just stay yourself. Not someone who I didn’t know. I used these same materials for my art in 1979. Looking in I become the fragments again. When my hands touch the material everything feels right. The lipstick compelled me to perform on the mirror in ways that settled/unsettled my young self. I explored being a particular version of myself. Through destroying the lipstick, defacing the mirror I called out to my audience, seeking punishment, comfort or any form of relations. Similar performances included a two handed drawing with Ox blood shoe polish on a magnolia wall near the toilet. I am in the centre of the negotiation whether I am seen or not.

“In the making ‘things’ (buildings, paintings, relationships), we also can come to be different persons. Put differently, as we produce cultural accounts (autoethnographic text, performances, criticisms, and so forth), we can perform or make our selves anew. “


Berry, Keith (2013) Chapter 9: Spinning Reflexivity, Cultural Critique, and Negotiating Selves Pg214.

from the book Handbook of Autoethnography detailed in my Bibliography.