December outside the studio

December outside the studio

Two outings from the studio that I enjoyed, a trip to see a local print exhibition in Drogheda and joining in one morning on a community tapestry in Dundalk.

Print Works in Droichead Arts Centre was curated by independent curator Dorothy Smith and in terms of content for this, the North East area it was ‘ok’. Nothing was particularly exciting or innovative but the work was of a good professional standard. It ranged from commercial/graphic to more conceptual installation work. As the selected medium was only print, the range on display was varied and definitely showed how access to the new print studio in Creative Spark, Dundalk has pushed the boundaries of techniques.

Artists: Adrian+Shane, Els Borghart, Órlaith Cullinane, Aidan Flanagan, Raphael Hynes, Declan Kelly, Robert Kelly, Jackie Hudson Lalor, John Moloney, Jebun Nahar , Garry McGuire, Kieran McNulty, John O’Connor, Niamh O’Connor. 

Invited Artists:Debora Ando, Anthony Lyttle.

On Wednesday 19th I popped into Creative Spark to join in with a community project being facilitated by fellow local artist Una Curley.

I am not, by any means an expert in this area but can use a needle. I was given a section on the large linen and set to task with a basic chain stitch. The whole experience was very enjoyable. The setting, sitting round in a group and chatting with the other ladies was very sociable and rather intimate. If a diverse group can come together over a shared task like this, it’s a very uplifting experience. I was rather touched by the notion that this project allowed older members a sense of inclusion and purpose, allowing them to pass on skills and keep winter loneliness at bay. The process began with recording oral histories in November and will culminate in a finished tapestry in 2019. I will share pictures of the finished product when its done!

Stitchin and bitchin in Creative Spark, Dec 19th.