Embodying the triple

Embodying the triple

Aspect Cards Parceled

I am always exploring ways to use my interactive objects and sculptures by creating encounters. I have reached out to three actors (living near me) that I have worked with previously on the ‘Cloaked’ performance. They are three sisters. I propose to send them three similar capes that I made and three prompts (Aspect Cards) to react to, and interpret independently, to manifest aspects of a character. One character with three traits. Each of them revolving through the three traits. The objects will be packed into the Reliquary Box. Adapting to the lock-down, (and depending on their availability post lock-down) I am requesting that they document (with photos/video) the outcome of their performance with the capes themselves.

Reliquary Box – unvarnished.

The number 3 is significant in many rituals of movement. Three times a charm. 3 times 3, secures the act.

Three capes for a performance for 3 Sisters 2020

Some of my previous research touched off pre Celtic Triadic characters. Specifically Brigid, she is known as a Poetess, Healer and Smith (Blacksmith). Brigid appears in many Irish myths and legends and later during ‘the Middle Ages, the goddess Brigid was syncretized with the Christian saint of the same name. According to medievalist Pamela Berger, Christian “monks took the ancient figure of the mother goddess and grafted her name and functions onto her Christian counterpart,” St. Brigid of Kildare.[5]‘ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigid)

Geographically, versions of Brigid appear in Wales, France, Germany, Scotland and interestingly also as far away as Haiti (Maman Brigitte).

As a character I think she embodies the diversity of woman, the varying skills mastered and how those skills hide and reveal themselves during the course of our life. On a personal level the triple aspect interests me. I have various legal documents under three different names.

Reliquary Box packed for the performance

My (loose) Instructions. Wearing all black – e.g. leggings and t-shirt underneath the capes. You may choose the location to perform in – indoors or outdoors. Open the Box. There are 3 capes and three aspects to the character. Choose 1 cape and 1 aspect each. Bring your own language of movement and expression to how the character appears. Record the performance using photos and video as you see fit. This is a pilot for (what could be) a larger performance piece so I am interested in experimenting how best to explore it visually. We will co-produce the work together as a collaboration.

I also submitted the proposal on Tuesday 7th April to the local arts office who initiated a call out for a Covid 19 remote arts projects. The director reached out and we had a video call to discuss the proposal today. I was eager to hear his thoughts on it and how it may fit into a broader arts program locally. It was very useful to hear his feedback and I have a few things to consider moving forward which I will distill and unravel over the next few days.