Exploratory Project – Outcome 2 Stones & Patterns

Exploratory Project – Outcome 2 Stones & Patterns

Intention stones on red flannel

Les spoke about a ‘focus of intention’ in my mid term feedback form, Caroline says try working without a plan so I’m aiming for somewhere in the middle.

I thought of my Shamanic intention stones, each one chosen during a session. I started with them. I sketched them in my book. Stones, neolithic rituals. Red. Thinking on the Nicola L coat, I decided to work with fabric. I chose a stone. Scaled up the drawing onto pattern paper. Each side a flat plane. I notched corresponding sides with my own kind of tailors marks to allow me to assemble it afterwards.

Intention? A flat drawing, a pattern that could depict all the sides of the stone at one time, that replicates the experience of turning the stone over in your hand? Giacometti’s sculpture, Bust of Diego, (his brother) is both a profile and a full frontal portrait in one. It’s currently on loan and on display in the National Gallery in Dublin. I have to host a workshop on the 10th of March on it. Representing 3 dimensions on a 2 dimensional plane. At a later point I might revisit sketching the stones in graphite.

I use red thread on the machine to stitch up the patterns pieces. The contrast was effective so at this point I decided to have the outside in and the inside out. So seams were visible.

The plan is to maybe fill some of these fabric forms . Not quite resolved yet. As I am still working on the patterns and fabric stone forms.