Exploratory Project – Outcome 4 Fabric Forms

Exploratory Project – Outcome 4 Fabric Forms

When all the forms were sewn together each I decided to fill them with different materials. The inside has been displayed outside with seams, threads and tailors marks on display.

Salt, Fullers Earth, Wax, Air, ash or soot (yet to be decided) – materiality pertaining to the elements and ingredients used in old folk cures.

Form filled with salt

I return to the circle format and place the filled fabric objects around the linen cloth. Mapping the territory. Neolithic stone circles. Labyrinths. I am still unsure of the final presentation. Les noted in my mid year feedback that the words could feature more in my work. I am hoping to incorporate them in some shape or form. Bob and I spoke on a call about an ‘Arseverse’, a written spell to prevent a house from burning. ¬†Following Karl’s tutorial I was inspired to seek etymological connections, so I am still researching this.

In culmination my exploratory project appears to be about ritual, the visual language of it, the ancient forms it takes through the years and perhaps the ritual of making.