Grid Permutations on date night

Grid Permutations on date night

So it’s Saturday night, time to kick back and relax with your husband on the bank holiday………. or do you fancy helping your wife work something out for her art project?? All credit goes to Steven for his math mind, diagrams and patience in explaining the following for me.

Here are 6 possible visual permutations I recorded for the grid, lines, colour and pattern changes. Endless possibilities to change the surface. So is there a way of knowing how many different permutations are available? Yes, math.


n = 36              Thirty six boxes in the grid

r = 11           Eleven possible variables within each grid placement using the counters

Take one artwork and make 23,982,224,839,392,800 more………

twenty-three quadrillion, nine hundred eighty-two trillion, two hundred twenty-four billion, eight hundred thirty-nine million, three hundred ninety-two thousand, eight hundred

Since dabbling with the grid I have discovered so many interesting work by artists previously unknown to me. Emily Victory is a US artist who has a degree in math and an additional degree in art. She creates intriguing grid drawings, uses probability and tessellation. She sees exciting links between music, math and art. She encourages the viewer to probe further into her images and make connections between the varying disciplines.