Installation day

Installation day

November 9th arrived. We met on site at 11.30am, it was my first time being on site having only seen the space virtually. Builders were still working away, dust rubble and no light. An exciting space with lots of nooks and levels to work with.

Some walls were freshly plastered so there was dampness. Drilling holes for hooks was not an option. We both agreed that using suspension, invisible thread, pins and self adhesive hooks was the best way to assemble. We had a patch of wall that was scattered with old nails and decided to incorporate these anchor points into the construction of the work.

Playing with height, tension and weight.

Image quality is poor as we had no light and were using phone cameras. I will reach out to a photographer friend to enlist some help to capture good quality images on the night. We also need to think about strategic lighting during the performance with multiple capes.

We will have 11 performers on the night. I have given them the list of words from Manifesto for Capes as inspiration. They will wear all black beneath the capes. Today I visit the space to agree the area for performing in. The performance will be short – max 5 minutes. We would like to see them emerge from the installation, use movement and their free association with the words to interact/intra-act together and then return to the original starting point. This needs to be clarified with Anne.