Invocation: To call on, invoke, to give – may take the form of (but are not mutually exclusive) – A spell, prayer, supplication, a form of possession, a command, a conjuration, self-identification with certain spirits.

The words, an incantation – a verbal landscape of time spent in the labyrinth. Metatron’s cube, sacred geometry containing all the platonic solids. Patterns found forming creation.

Invocation, incantation, intention, act – my personal performative rituals of making

As with the elements of earth, air, fire and water, the Platonic solids are also associated with the energy points in the body: Tetrahedrons – Solar Plexus; Cubes – Root; Octahedrons – Heart; Dodecahedrons – Throat, and Icosahedrons – Sacral. Thus, if you wish to focus on a particular energy point, you could choose a crystal that is in the shape of its corresponding Platonic solid. The Third Eye energy point is associated with Merkaba-shaped crystals and the Crown energy point relates to sphere-shaped crystals. *

It was good to have the time to unravel, complete and resolve this piece. It has been shifted about the studio since last summer, existed in notebooks since February 2019.

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