Leaving the closet, wearing a cape

Leaving the closet, wearing a cape

The construction of the cape evolved from year 1 exploratory project. It became a kind of ‘home’ for the myriad of images, ideas and connections I made during time spent in the labyrinth. The physical stitching a meditation, I regard it as a self portrait of sorts, a garment I can wear that represents the inside and the outside. It offers a protection, anchoring time. It hides me and reveals me in one act of wearing.

Cape displayed flat on the ground.

Where would I go wearing this cape?

I am part of an artists group AAEX (Art As Exchange). We work together to create opportunities for artistic engagement peer to peer. Our next project is scheduled for November, our first time working with a curator Anna Mager we propose to coordinate an installation project in Dundalk. Dundalk is a half way point in the corridor between Dublin and Belfast.

Anna Mager – http://annemager.weebly.com/news .

Our note of interest was due yesterday. I approached a fellow designer/maker Caoimhe O’Dwyer, to collaborate on a proposal together. It is a tight timeline and to make any visual impact collaboration is the most realistic approach. I also relish the different inputs collaboration can bring as we can learn and support each other during this project.

AAEX Installation – 1 st Draft Project Proposal 14 th Sept 19

Submitted by: Caoimhe O’Dwyer & Susan Farrelly

Fabric capes are platforms for expression in both our practices –
fashion & sculpture. We propose to collaborate to disrupt our
modes of working; break new ground and evolve a site specific
performance involving ‘Capes’, outdoors in Dundalk town centre.
Drawings, maps and designs can be displayed at HQ. There is an
option to run cape customisation workshops, if budget allows.

Capes transform. A garment of myth, power and authority that can
be worn by all genders, ages, shapes, sizes. There is a multi-
experience of wearing and putting it on, simultaneously navigating
a position of viewing the art and being the art. We can make and
unmake the artwork every time, we can play. We plan to make a
number of wearable capes from recycled material. Using the capes
as a transformative space in locations in the town, with or without
bodies inside, combined with participation, sound, movement and
within different spaces. A living artwork, on the streets recorded
and documented by photography and video. We plan to invite local
groups and passers by to informally engage and see what
happens. In our busy lives, if we could just take a bit of time to
stop and reflect – how does the cape garment make you feel, how
do you act when you are wearing it? Does it transform them? Does
it provoke memories?

We intend to collaborate, in a relaxed way with other groups to
realise this performance – youth groups, theatre groups and
musicians – these, plus Dundalk general public are, in themselves
part of the fabric of these capes.

  • Proposed area for performance. A rather overlooked green pocket in the center of town. Other artists will also use this space for siting work .