Post Collision – Peer Call 23rd Oct

Post Collision – Peer Call 23rd Oct

These were the observations I made in lieu of the call today with Brigitte and Elena.

Where people anthropomorphize objects, are these not projections? Are hoarders people who are sensitive to the agency of matter, or are they a substitute for something else. A sacred space without Gods. Thing power – how things do things. Relation centered ontologies/microtopias? (OOO) Object Oriented Ontology. Flat ontologies – made exclusively of unique, singular individuals. Is Plurality an illusion? This language and iterations of some language can create barriers, how can that promote flat ontologies? How can I adapt language yet transfer the same intention without alienating others, especially non art communities.

New Materialism grew from post modernism, it annihilates dualism, no division between language and matter – biology is culturally mediated as much as culture is materialically constructed. Vital materiality aims to emphasize non human matter over the ontological privilege of humans – linger in those moments during which they find themselves fascinated by objects, taking them as clues to the material vitality. Is this not a form of projection? Are you not still seeing the same objects through your own eyes, eyes that are technically different to yesterdays eyes? Humans are, in themselves intra-actions. We are plural voices. Being in a pluriverse, we inhabit many worlds in context. Quantum strings to your bow, art being a way to practice on certain strings.

Each exposure we have to a new object, language, happening (insert new topic here) evolves practice/self/microtopia. Cause and effect, vibration reshaping the previous iteration. We identified areas of entanglement, collision, diffraction, collaboration, disruption in each of our current works to be pushed further.

When people mingle with things agency is entangled. Elena is going to seek out non art quiet places, bus stops, park benches – places of reflection not passing through and re test Clara’s ability to seek engagement. Susan needs a way of measuring a time based performance and analyzing it. Brigitte plans to read, research more and around language, allow it to infiltrate matter/meaning/making.

Brigitte recorded our session – and produced a text to voice transcript. It is interesting to note how the software has interpreted our dialogue and created alterations of language, scrambling the string of conversation and changing it into something else. A thing that does things. An alternate universe with a multi perspectivist viewpoint.

Link to transcript on Brigitte’s blog –

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