Poster Girls @ The London Transport Museum

Poster Girls @ The London Transport Museum

Poster Girls Exhibit at the London Transport Museum till March 2019.

I had great intentions of getting to the Tate during our three day trip to London but the realities of maneuvering 8 kids around central London over the New Year laid those plans quickly to waste! Nevertheless, I spent a momentous landmark event with my newly acquired Brother, nieces and nephews and my own family and we did get to the wonderful London Transport Museum travelling by overground train and tube from Twickenham.

The Poster Girls exhibition presents the work of female graphic designers from the 20th and 21st century, showcasing their design contributions over 150 years. The key factor being that London Transport commissioned female talent specifically and worked in conjunction with Central Saint Martins to gain access to this talent. It was a wonderful display of changing social, economic and political conditions that affected women’s lives over the last century. Very fitting as 2018 celebrated the anniversary of ‘Votes for Women’.

Posters have a selling point. My favourite examples sold me dry travel in inclement weather underground, adventures with the children to rolling pastures, manic purchasing at the sales, dazzling lights of glamourous London. Nostalgia abound, full of colourful appeal. Although very fit for purpose these posters stand alone as wonderful paintings and drawings with incredible sensitivity to detail and texture.

I was delighted to see more work by Mabel Lucie Attwell. On a side note: She was the first book by a female artist I owned. Given to me at birth by my godmother ‘The Book of Rhymes’ enthralled and petrified me. Here are some examples below pages from said book. Initially they appear endearing but there were very sinister goings on….ding dong dell, pussy’s in the well being particularly unsettling!