PPP 2019

PPP 2019


The Mapping the territory project began my close investigation of my practice as it stands now. I have been working for the last 11 years as a self employed artist and creating the physical map laid out the various aspects that my practice has covered. Initially I identified 4 key areas that could be addressed:

  1. Photography – need additional training in Photoshop, video and digital editing.
  2. Garage – Building works, ventilation to reduce humidity required to convert it into a ‘dirty’ space for more 3D/Sculptural works. Currently I am only working on small models.
  3. I had identified ‘No solo show had to date’ as an exposure in my first draft PPP. On closer examination it appears as a red herring. So it has been parked. Research around relevant galleries in Europe & explore existing networks with opportunities to show work has taken priority.
  4. What is required to qualify as a visiting lecturer/artist facilitator for third level? I would be interested in pursuing this as an add on to my career.

Year 1

In year 1 I am focused on making work and exploring the core of my practice as it stands. I identified that have limited experience with producing digital art, through photography and video. I made contact with a peer Colm Mullen (https://www.colmmullen.ie) who has agreed to mentor and guide me with photography, video and sound. We plan to work together during the summer using my theme of ritual and producing some performance work.

I have begun revamping the garage space to accommodate more large scale 3D works. This workshop needs better ventilation, vents for humidity and a window to increase light. We have installed vents and repainted the doors. We need to source and install a window. A new lintel needs to go in place after a hole is made in the gable wall. I have obtained costs to replace and tank the roof. Once installed I can arrange for exterior walls to be re plastered and guttering to be installed. Estimated costs are €4k. I will do as much of this work as I can to keep costs down. I can focus on this during the summer when classes have ceased.

Mapping materiality in the exploratory project – Drawing on tracing paper.

Following my tutorial with Dr. Michele Whiting I realise I have a lot more focused reading to do. I have three books to begin – The Production of Space, H. Lefebvre, Terra Infirma, I Rogoff and Installation Art, C. Bishop. I am assured that they will bring a deeper awareness of where my own practice is situated in contemporary art.

Year 3

I would like to see the culmination of my body of MA work pull together as a sturdy body of work at the end of year 3. To have had the experience of showing work in galleries in Europe would allow me gain some critical exposure would have long term benefit to my practice. In lieu of this I would need to make some connections in these areas:

Identify relevant galleries in Ireland and Europe

Talking/working with a curator

Understanding how best to present my practice. Identify opportunities to use existing networks for engagement.

Reading around installation art will allow me a better understanding of how to present my work. My Art as Exchange group is planning a project in conjunction with a curator so I think that it would be a good starting point to understand what criteria is expected for best practice. I recently visited the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny and was interested in the space and the style of programming and presentation. I am planning to look more at their calendar of events and see if there are any future submission opportunities.

Year 5

I am enjoying a renewed energy in the studio through the MA. Perhaps a PhD in Fine Art, research through practice but realistically I would have to be able to study online and over a number of years for it to be feasible. I would love the opportunity to become a visiting lecturer for a third level organisation and I am looking into the possibility of applying for a fellowship.