Response 1-A Drawn Mantle

Response 1-A Drawn Mantle

  • A communal, collaborative drawing by the following participants :
  • Bonny Mullen
  • Hazel Campbell
  • Lily Campbell
  • Aoife Drumgoole
  • Ailbhe McArdle
  • Farron McArdle
  • Iseult McArdle
  • Lochlann McArdle
  • Odhran McArdle
  • Rian McArdle
  • Mia McMahon
  • Eve Moore
  • Jahaar Nebun
  • Eoghan O’Reilly
  • Daire O’Reilly
  • Sophie Quinn

Communal drawing is a performative act. Mark making is an ancient way of recording something seen, a gesture expressing feelings, emotions in response to something seen or felt. Since pre Celtic times communities have had their own particular geometric language, shapes, to enhance communication, cooperation and trust. These rituals of expression develop through intra action. Making a space of togetherness. Mark making is a community act, as people take the mundane and elevate it into something special. Imbuing an object with significance. Telling a story, saying I was here and I left my mark.

As a human I enjoy spaces that allow me to engage, contribute and play. Belong. On opening night I created a communal drawing space with a large white cape and some fabric markers. I wanted to see what authentic responses might occur. The children were free to enter the space and fill it with their own actions.

I’ve been fascinated by the Archetypes of form – faces, snakes, spiders, teeth, horns visible in these drawings. A map of thoughts. A journey recorded intuitively.

I really want to present these works to honor the contributions made on the night. I have thought about taking sections and printing them digitally on velvet. Something tactile, soft. I love the presentation of Ugo Rondinones project here in Moscow, featuring drawings by 450 children.

Ugo Rondinone
your age and my age and the age of the sun, 2013
Concrete, plywood, 450 sun drawings made by the children of Leuven
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist

Sally recommended I look at the project (ongoing since 2013) with Oscar Murillo. His canvases with schools produce a visual map of student experiences. Collaborating with the students, a writer and a graphic designer the results from the first installment of the project was produced into a book.


The plan now is to explore all the photos taken today and send one off for printing on velvet as a possible experiment/way of presenting the work and feature it in another post.