Retreat into the Shrine of Capes and the space outside

Retreat into the Shrine of Capes and the space outside

On Saturday 26th Oct I assembled all the capes made to date into an installation in the studio. The week following this I had time to reflect and be inside the work.

Constructing the Shrine

Building it, I became aware of the weight, drape and how the capes pulled off each other when pinned together. Now it speaks to me of sculpture. Stripping away the colour I can see the form.

Greyscale Shrine

Movement in the surface became more visible. Folding and unfolding, like the fracture drawing, like my creased red linen, the clay labyrinth. Seeing patterns and rhythms is part of the ritual of practice.

The form will be disrupted further when combined with the other capes made by Caoimhe. The space will determine the final hanging form, also Anne our curator will be onsite to position us within the allocated space.

Installation Floor plan by Anne Mager – Curator.

Working with the capes in the studio this way has brought me a step closer to installation day, scheduled for Nov 9th. In October I created a mind map to pin down some ways of measuring what it is I / we are doing / hope to do.

Multiples. Performative act. Details and specific encounters. Multi Perspectives. Collective & Individual responses – and reflection. Evaluating what worked. Failures. Difficulties. What worked? Practical. Political. Aesthetic. Ethical. Was the quality of the work aesthetic/fit for purpose? Is it of interest to spectators. Participation as a means of responding, physically to the work. Accessibility – is the work accessible theoretically and physically?