Sam Reveles – An exhibition in Kilkenny

Sam Reveles – An exhibition in Kilkenny

I came across this exhibition in The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny. Originally from El Paso Texas, Reveles lives and works in Wicklow Ireland.

The intricacy and detail of his painting and drawings is inspired by the landscape and ideas about infinity, as seen in different aspects of nature. His treatment of colour, the map-like composition and geometric patterns appealed to the intentions I have for my embroidered cape.

Poulaphouca # 3, Gouache on paper 2016
Poulaphouca # 5, Gouache on paper 2017
Wicklow Drawing, Gouache on paper 2016

More of his work is available to view on .

Poulaphouca (from the Irish ‘Poll na Phúca’ meaning ‘The Ghost’s Hole’) takes its name from a small village at the southwestern corner of the reservoir.

A lonely stone cross stands as a reminder of a handful of villages submerged beneath the waters at Poulaphouca

THE RESERVOIR at Poulaphouca was created in the 1930s and early 1940s by the damming of the River Liffey as part of a joint project by the ESB and Dublin City Council to build a second hydro-electric power station.

The reservoir created by the project would be used to supply water to Dublin and the surrounding area.

The creation of the reservoir submerged a number of villages. A 12th century cross was moved to the town cemetery when its original site was flooded.

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