September 30th Being is not a static relationship

September 30th Being is not a static relationship

Mind map as cape – fabric, pins and painted circles – made in Mondays session with Hayley Lock

This was the one line that has haunted me beautifully since the session on Monday.

‘Being is not a static relationship’

Notes are packed full of new language, new ingredients for the cauldron of practice.

New materialism. Entanglement. Nature/Culture. Matter/Mind. Post-Human. Intra-Activity. Performativity. Differentiating. Othering. Diffraction. That we can nuture an ongoing critical chain reaction as opposed to a destructive practice of dismissing with critique. Fostering an ongoing dialogue, a positive thing. This echoes some of the multi-perspectivist approaches to subject matter that I read about in Claire Bishops Installation Art book over the summer. So, even though I need longer to consider a full understanding of agential realism and other new terminology I can see how consideration of these new perspectives could work to resolve my practice further.

‘Art practice is an ONGOING experiential process of conceptual enquiry that EMBRACES inspiration, critical thinking and the building of meanings at any given time. ‘

With this encouraging line in mind I can see a direct relationship to my proposed interactive, collaborative installation project with multiple capes. Entanglement. Play, collaboration, interaction and collision with a healthy chance of dysfunction, failure and collapse. The outcome of my proposed project is dependent on the relationship between people and the objects (capes).

I’ve identified the need to read further about New Materialism – so off to buy some books by Rosi Braidotti and Karen Barad from the bibliography on the VLE.

I will endeavor to put some of the new knowing into action, disrupting and testing boundaries of practice as I go.