Speculative methodology…wha?

Speculative methodology…wha?

Perspectives on contemporary practice was an interesting session last night. Fast paced with a barrage of information and a new language style, it took me a while to get a grip on this speeding train of thought. 

Looking back at my notes I get a good sense of my head flapping out the window aboard the Kimberly express.

State of flux. Not formulaic. How do we map a practice? Stephanie Springay. Taking responsibility about what we put out there. A moral code of ethics for artist activists. Pushing your ideas and remaining ethical. Through the making something happens.

Stephen Willats : Diagrammatic mapping. Karla Black: Installations & material manipulations. On Kawara: Modelling practice & a formula. Ann Hamiliton: Objects & Body fused and documented.

Unpacking with Jo – Break out room. Learning & guidance from making. Research/Exploration. Catagorising/Extraction/Documenting

Schema. Actively changing. Right method for articulating. Trick yourself. Making things and making things happen. Purposeful play – contained preoccupations. Sieve out your head. Boil your ideas. Exposure, uncovering perception. Find ways to look at something. Things triggering connections. In a sense I am tethered to something. Ebb & flow to understand. Tuning yourself differently. Find dry land. Catharsis. Living your practice. Be your own expert. Beware the pitfalls of being too good in one area – don’t be a prisoner. You can’t just be a good technician. Authentic, you care about it. And you DO worry about it, because you value honesty.