Storm Ali, laptops & poetry

Storm Ali, laptops & poetry

The wind woke me early and I was happy to grab 30 minutes in the art room to jot down a few thoughts on ‘the grid project’ (must do a separate post on this) before having to rouse the house to get up for school. 

I’ve managed to get a laptop thanks to a friend (and an art barter) so I am fully functioning with the Canon camera and mobile in lieu of the trip we make on Friday to Lanzarote. This 2 week family holiday was booked prior to the MA so I was nervous about how I keep juggling all the balls. I am comfortable now (after pooching about vigorously) with the VLE, Spaces, G-Drive and Zoom as my virtual studio and once I have a decent wi-fi connection and a quiet corner I’ll be business as usual on Mondays. I plan to spend the time reading, taking photos and gathering information while I am away from the studio.

Today the storm is leaving us with intermittent electricity, trees are down and my greenhouse has been devastated (very upsetting). My friend and fellow artist Bernhard called round to charge his devices. He cheered me up with a photo taken at a recent exhibition and a book of poetry by Fernando Pessoa.

“High winds, screeching through immobile things, making noise in things pinned down, dragging movable things away, arose among the fitful clamoring of the rain, absent words of anonymous protest, sad sounds nearly mad from desperation without soul” (Pessoa, pg 215)

Photo-bomber interrupts serious art discussion