Task 2nd November – Object/Image

Task 2nd November – Object/Image

Describe an object/image (from your practice) using your knowledge of it.
What ways can you describe it without just accounting for its formal qualities, beyond just what it looks like and towards what it feels like or communicates.

Placed on the stone mantle my Platonic Plaything teeters. Fumbling about, along an edge. Only some sections are visible in the candlelight. The power cut animates the object, the nap of the surface pulsed. The fingertips of the little hands that have pressed upon it almost there, like ghosts. Eyes walk the lines, mapping the haptic scratching.

Going forward after the session – areas to question and consider

How do we think about these ideas within our journals and how might we change our approach when we start to write for different contexts or towards contextual study?
Do we recognise our creative voice within all aspects of what we do, make and write?
Can the shift between Noesis and Poesis which is the relationship between; thinking and
intellect, and the process of making.
Do we become more self-conscious of the way you write about your practice when considering an essay/contextual study etc?
Do we still hold on to the materiality of the practice when we write about it?

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