TYB Mantle Installation (with Test Audience)

TYB Mantle Installation (with Test Audience)

I installed a hook in the ceiling of the studio to use as a suspension point for the next part of the TYB project. To utilize the capes for a different context, build a tent form to dwell in a space for mothers and babies to be in. I needed to construct and test. I needed a temporary adhesive hook to withstand the weight of 13 capes, something that could be removed after the 8 week project is complete. I altered an embroidery ring to grip and attach the fabric, distributing the weight without damaging the material.

Suspension, tension.
Tethered and tied
Draped construction with floor components

I invited my test audience to experience the work. Their feedback would focus the work and help me make amendments prior to the go live of the 8 week project.

After they had thoroughly explored, re-arranged and played in the space I asked them to re-enter in pairs – a dialogue about being in there. I left a book and pencil inside with a prompt “In here it feels…….” . Their thoughts recorded in their own way. I will present this in another post.

Notes I made: use safety pins to hold the mantle structure together. Tethering some capes to the wall shapes the form, this can be done using drawing pins, babies are less active but will be able to move freely in the space with mothers. Lots of touching and feeling. Imbed some shapes with a noise making device. For safety very heavy weights to be avoided, as shapes are thrown to each other.