TYB – Meeting Mothers & Babies

TYB – Meeting Mothers & Babies

Although we were slightly scuppered by the weather, freezing temperatures and snow – we met two of the little babies and their Mothers today. (Everybody comes on foot). We set up a space and observed what worked, what didn’t and asked the Mums for their input and feedback.

What worked

Being floor based. The pattern on the rug. Things that were noisy. Baby hand sized objects. Physical movements done together – babies watched and joined in. Mirroring movements, hand tapping in the centre of the rug.

What didn’t work

Paint and sequin filled plastic pouches – choke hazard and paint leaked out. Anything outdoor won’t work until April/May when it gets warmer. Anything too structured, process heavy won’t work.

Mum’s Observations

Music, singing together (eeek….might have to get into my uncomfortable zone to engage here lol) crinkley fire blankets as a material intrigues one of the babies. What a super material suggestion, which I can incorporate into a piece. They also said that a memory box frame, as opposed to a memory box would be better. Things are never seen in a box. I think that as a group we can evolve and grow ideas week to week when we do begin. For now, its paper work (Garda Clearance to enable us to work with the children on the premises), 4 * 2 hr activities proposals and workshop materials prep.