TYB-Test Audience 5th Feb 2020

TYB-Test Audience 5th Feb 2020

Today I had the pleasure of having 7 of the little artists to the studio who created the initial drawing on the white cape. I wanted to introduce them to the fabric made and the shapes made from the fabric. What would they see/feel/say/do when they encounter the piece? Although they are not the same intended audience as Craobh Rua, they would be a perfect test audience and I wished them to feel further ownership in the development of the work.

I had a few loose desired outcomes –

To create a voice recording – covert voice to text

To experiment with drawing and modelling new shapes that they could add to the collection I have made

To introduce other factors – hard/soft, quiet/noisy, rough/smooth, smell, lights, colour – plain/multi-coloured shapes

Could their drawings become future construction instructions? Yes

Art Lab on a tea break
Plan wall

The transcribing app struggled at times to translate the speech, with the cacophony of voices talking over each other and our dialect but the content below captures a version the encounter. My voice is represented in bold type, I opened the dialogue and then left them to it.

Do you remember this? 

Yeah. Oh yeah, it was mine. This is mine, cause I am the oldest. I did a little bit of drawing. Yeah. 

Well I took that drawing. And I took a digital photo. I like printed into very special fabric. 

Yeah, but there are little bits of all the designs on it! This is like a spider with a Minecraft head. Turkey. Turkey leg. I got one of them, nice things on the mirror. Feel, I feel this is kind of fluffy and soft, look. 

So I got lots of this fabric made from your drawings, and I made these and I’d like you to tell me what they look like to you and what they remind you of. Take one.

Can we take one each. I want this one because I’m the big one. Why do I get the small one? We can swap too. There is Daire’s thingmagig -Metallica. Smile out this makes me smile. Look at the maze. Well, it’s not actually a maze. A maze has a way in and a way out. Do you know what this is called. A Labyrinth. Yes, it is. So that’s the challenge to get out. I’ve done this so many times. God peace and lighting. Oh good. This is the game of finding the match, 3d shapes, a castle. Do you see a Christmas tree? No. Oh look for a Christmas tree in this. I see a donkey. dunk. Dunk. With a weird smile. That shape is a square based pyramid. So, if you were to build something with it, what would it look like if you were all gonna build something like that? Good. Yeah, we can take really big ones and then kinda lie on them, right? You see this has 20 sides. So it’s made of 20 triangles. You can see those scores. They are really to be stopped and then follow. Make shapes like this but still make them different. No way. Yours is made with triangles on. Yours. Good. I tried that one.I remember drawing that chicken. I have those, a kind of smell, what smells, (laughs) smells. So multicolored. No more. Good. Go, with all these we could have more shapes. shapes Yeah. Yeah. And this rolling I guess it’s like a painting you put on the floor. floor. Yeah. Cushions are supposed to catch us because they are soft. Please sit back. Let’s pretend to sleep. Ok.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Lots of fresh inputs to consider after this busy day, with meaningful contributions to help build a system for evaluating the work.