Value & Audience – thoughts from Dec 16th videos

Value & Audience – thoughts from Dec 16th videos

I gradually digested a few of these VLE videos in between the many festive meals of Christmas. As I am a greedy girl I watched more than two as the video smorgasbord was rather tempting. I decided to take three bullet points observations from my notes to summarize the things that resonated around notions of audience with each of the artists talks. Allow them fizz away in my belly, to absorb into practice like a refreshing glass of Andrews Liver Salts!!

Judy Chicago & Elizabeth Sackler: Changing institutions

  • Art is a process of discovery – skills training, move beyond the personal and find ways to be involved with art.
  • Artists forging their own paths – women need to think about how they want they want their work to be seen
  • Erasure – can the audience see themselves in the work?

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov: The viewer is the same as the artist

Bedwyr Williams – Artes Mundi 7 Conf.

  • Voicing the form. Body Tropes
  • Performance as stand-up. Laughing as intra-action.
  • Confessional style? Relatable

Hans Ulrich Obrist in conversation with Adam Thirlwell

  • Archepelegos – a group (like AAEX?) archepelic thought
  • Being part of every community – social sculpture
  • (creating a) place like an active laboratory