Virtual Engagement & Dialogue

Virtual Engagement & Dialogue

Yesterday I presented a 10 minute ‘Show and Tell’ with Visual Artists Ireland as part of a showcase for Co. Louth.

It was a good experience to assemble the slide deck and content and have to speak about the work. There were 6 people presenting their work and it was interesting to see how people presented their practice. There wasn’t any dialogue/comments or feedback on the work but we did get to discuss the various platforms for engagement that we use to access the arts locally. AAEX were well represented. Unfortunately we didn’t get to keep the slide deck but I might re-create it on the GDrive to keep for future presentations.

The LLP ( Louth Leader Partnership) sent me on a virtual training session for Zoom last night. With a view to learning how to host and set up classes online. As much as I was dreading the 2 hour session it was worthwhile and will enable be to set up a virtual art studio for future online classes. This will be vital for some of my marginalized groups. Some of whom are high risk and will have to continue cocooning for the foreseeable future. We hope to trial a session next week with a virtual coffee morning with my Spinal Injuries Art Group.

Bernhard’s article in the local paper this week – Missing the Physical Exchanges

I’ve enjoyed phone chats, written and email correspondence with Bernhard (Artist Friend), Conor (the writer), Stefan (OCA Painting), Bob (from MA1) and Katie (MA3) these valuable conversations add texture and stimulation to the new rituals of routine. I delivered off the Reliquary box to the actors today – the actors will have it for a week to work away as they see fit. Tomorrow is my first session with Outlandish Theatre. They have provided some recommended reading to absorb before the workshop. For Space by Doreen Massey. Better get stuck in!