Virtual Making Day 5th Oct OCA EU

Virtual Making Day 5th Oct OCA EU

Browsing the OCA Weekender E-Bulletin one week I spotting an opportunity to join in on a making day with other OCA students in various art courses based in Europe. So I signed up. Hosted/facilitated by Caroline and conceived/organised by Stefan Schaffeld. Although we, as a cohort are familiar with this format this was a new innovation for other years attending courses. Students hailed from Norway, Germany, France, UK and Ireland. 13 students in total from courses in graphic design, textiles, photography, creative arts, painting and fine art.

After short introductions, we began making. I was focusing on assembling more capes. We were put into smaller break out rooms to enable smaller discussions and a chance to explore each others work and practice in more depth. This was a very engaging session where inputs and ideas flowed. I was placed with Stefan and Sarah. We were well matched as there was considerable crossover in our areas of interest – transformation, materiality and audience featured high in our chats.

Caroline gave us a very insightful tour of her working space and studio. Narratives around her work, considerations of presentation and working methods were very engaging and inspirational. And then back to more working.

We rounded up with a group feedback involving us all writing one word/words into the chat box in response to each others work produced during the session. Efficient and innovative, the wide ranging feedback is a resource that we can dip in and out of regarding the evolution or writing about our work. So much so I woke up thinking about some of the words and how this generous offering will evolve the presentation of the final performance.

14:46:33 From  Caroline Wright : Susan
14:47:13 From  kate : buttercup cagoule incredibles
14:47:14 From  Stefan Schaffeld : concealing, dance , ritual
14:47:23 From  Emma : superhero, hoodie
14:47:25 From  holly : raincoat, little yellow riding hood,
14:47:35 From  Caroline Wright : Colour, flow, folds
14:47:36 From  Sarah Warren : whirling, mesmeric colour
14:47:37 From  Courteney Kros : flowy, bright, movement
14:47:41 From  Peter : Rain cape, riding hood
14:47:47 From  Inger Weidema : Yellow (red) riding hood… more dangerous?
14:47:56 From  Renate Maas : parody on kuklux clan, esoteric, dance theatre
14:48:10 From  Inger Weidema : brave

here are some of the random notes I gathered over the day (9am-3pm)

Shelter. Surface. Sam Gilliam – Capes & Drapes (Painter) – recommendation. Take a photo from inside a cape. Sound/Smell – sensory elements incorporated into performance. Colour as signifiers in free association. A planchet – split level table. Drawing as knowing.

Simmering 1970 Sam Gilliam (Washington, USA) born 1933 Presented by Mrs Nesta Dorrance through the American Federation of Arts 1974