What does ‘finishedness’ look like?

What does ‘finishedness’ look like?

Blackboard diagram of ‘finishedness’ by Bob,Brigitte, Jo, Sally & Susan

I (M+C)*(N-VR)-C=F

Intention, materials and construction, narrative and view/reflect minus changes = Finishedness

For me intention, material and construction are tightly linked. Narrative is something I need to engage with making. View/Reflect is something I do but don’t always repeat the cycle and re engage with the work, so the change isn’t identified and implemented into the work resulting in finishedness.

Prior to the MA I had not been very experimental and more or less made no time for sculpture within my studio practice . I have been actively seeking out new ways to include it in my current practice since September. I am feeling the benefit of the disruption, arriving at new solutions to visual problems.

A  key part of the challenge of reaching finishedness is, that other than myself, I do not always identify a ‘viewer’. After completing the group exercise I realised that this is often a missing component in my process! Unless I am working to a deadline or brief imposed externally on my practice. I have no problem thinking of the environment the work might occupy. But I do need to invent or visualise an audience more often to consider the alternate view point that they might see. I do use feedback from others – artists and non artists as a way of measuring results but this occurs at the very end of the cycle when the work is made and it may be more advantageous for me to bring it in sooner while the work is in progress. 

I’m going to take the rest of the weekend to consider this, I may add to this post posthumously …….