December 2nd Presentation

December 2nd Presentation

These are my RITUAL patterns of my making in the studio – neolithic marks, a language, labyrinths – a journey inside. Mapping. The cape evolved in the exploratory project, a symbolic deconstructed portrait, thoughts and connections anchored in thread. After assessment I focussed on making connections more apparent, an exteriorisation of these notions of ritual in my practice using interaction/intra-action and capes. In September we submitted a proposal for a collaborative project – a performance with multiple capes. It was an opportunity to collaborate, communicate and disrupt my practice, work with a curator, experiment with installation in a site specific environment. It allowed opportunity to connect with audience/peers/other groups (Theatre) interested in collaboration as practice. 

Drawing inspiration from the work of Ed Atkins, Corinne Mazzoli and Katerina Grosse we combined clothes rails, performative costume and draped fabric environments. The space required consideration – points of contact, fixing, draping, hanging, the physical tension and weight of the suspended fabric. A 3D HABITABLE PAINTING, freed from the wall. With bodies inside, animated with new agency, not predetermined but an unfolding energy. It was emotional. “Emotions […] were not already given, but created in the instant of circulation and exchange. Emotions are not static. They mutate and change with each encounter, attesting to their fluidity. We should not view encounters from the perspective of revelation. Encounters do not reveal; they create.”

Stephanie Springgay (Being with A/R/Tography). 

Something in the made and unmade movements and the ‘Cloaked’ performance being no longer HIDDEN moved a blockage in me. The generosity of authentic responses,  levels of involvement, engagement, it tested my trust,my position, shattered preconceptions, challenged our communication skills, play and critique cohabiting in a temporary (albeit absolutely freezing and damp) artist led space. I want to work like this more. (Word count 300)

Question for feedback.

During the course of this exhibition I have gathered responses from members of the public and spectators – photos, videos, words and a drawn response on a white cape. How would you suggest honouring these outputs, how would you create them into an artwork in their own rite. 

Feedback from Cohort

Capes, Snaking through (practice), a movement, their journey. Multi stranded project. Another performance? Printing on sequins smart tech on fabric. Trust & Collaboration. The curators voice as a parameter. Communal cape tethered together. Artist: Jacqueline Morreax ‘Red Coat’. Nicola L’s Red Coat. Fixed installations, like tents that can still be inhabited. Re: discussing the performance – fears of it being invasive to the other artworks – and the art of respecting others in a group show – you need an awareness. Time based media.