Task 2nd November – Event & Process

Task 2nd November – Event & Process

AAEX Performative making session one happened on Wednesday 28th October 2020. It was a proposal I submitted inspired by Kimberley’s work group broadcast ‘Echoed Structure: Structure Echoed’ via Facebook.

Describing an event/process through instructions. This might be the process of making, the experience of a performative encounter, a relational correspondence, a negotiation between you and a material/process that you have been making with……

The aim in this first session is to point the camera away from people onto the making space as a way to subvert and re-purpose the standard zoom set-up.

Clear a space near the camera on your desk.

Place materials (or ready made objects) in that space and point the camera to it – e.g. 10 3D objects, writing materials, paint – things to play and experiment with in the session.

You can choose to physically make something during the session or you can curate or animate the space (to create a “tableau” or “performance”) that appears on your desk or both.

If your camera is attached to your computer or or other device you may need to experiment with different ways of suspending the camera or device to create a top down view.

It is a good idea to have a separate device available to record your outputs during the session. 

We can share all our unique recordings after the event.

We have provided the following images and texts as an initial starting point in our shared performative making space but feel free to operate independently.

I chose to work on a surface that was a collaborative artwork created (with Bernhard) in 2016 that contains the marks made by many contributors. On it I placed two handsewn soft sculptures used in Craobh Rua (Muirhevnamore), the fabric was co-created at the opening night of ‘Installations’ and digitally printed. In my practice I am interested in the layers of memories that can be created by making. Some materials disrupt. Mirrors reflect and gel filters alter the screen colour, analogue (painterly) interventions on the digital canvas of Zoom. The blue gel (successfully at 16mins in) reflected portions of the computer screen where everyone else’s making was visible. I’ve tried to create a multi-perspective, entangled portrait of places and makers, past and present. Built by the hands of AAEX. 


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Pears, pistachios, pencils and
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